6-Week Stand-up Comedy Workshop

This class is for beginners and experienced comedians alike.
Tuesdays, 7-10pm Central Time
April 20th - May 25th

Learn to Write Comedy

Over six weeks, you’ll produce material with the accountability of a group and learn a number of joke writing techniques. Once completed, you’ll have written a polished 5-minute stand up set (many students write more material)!

This class is the first step to really developing the stand-up comedy writing and persona that fits your individual voice. There is no rubber stamped style in comedy and everyone is unique. Meeting with a group of people each week, trying new material, and discussing ideas will help you hone that uniqueness. You’ll learn techniques to kick start your writing process and help you avoid common pitfalls of stand-up writing and delivery.

Although this class is open to experienced comics looking for a place to work on new material, it’s also open to people with absolutely no previous stand-up experience! Show up as you are, and we will help you take your current observations of this world and spin them into comedy gold!

At this time, classes are held virtually over Zoom, so anyone, anywhere can take it! Sign up for this class to learn stand-up comedy writing in a safe, supportive environment. For ages 18 and over. Limited to 10 students.

What You'll Need

- Computer with camera
- Google account (for Google Classroom)

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What you'll get from a comedy workshop.


If you’re looking to try stand-up comedy but aren’t sure where to start, taking a class where you have a group to be accountable to is helpful!


It can be frustrating to write jokes in isolation, not knowing if the ideas you're working on have legs. You'll gain feedback from both an instructor and your audience of classmates to propel you into your next joke or direction! 


Putting yourself out there is scary. We understand that and strive to create a supportive atmosphere to practice your creativity. 
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